Are you stressed out? Are you in a state of despair? Do you think constructing a home is not your job? Do you believe in outsourcing? Our turnkey solutions are competitive, efficient, cost effective, and reliable and ensure high standard quality. We will manage every aspect of your development process, overlook every minute detail and ensure that you attain success.

Y.S Constructions is a full-service construction company that has the expertise, experience and skill to perform outclass. We have been operating in this field for nearly 5 decades and thus our unique services have helped us dominate the construction market in Lahore. Our turnkey solutions are efficient, effective and thus we maintain high standard throughout our development process. We will not only draw full specification according to your tailored needs but will draft you architectural and engineering drawing. We will keep a close eye on your construction activities and provide you a strong foundation; a comfortable home you have always dreamed of. We will save you from hassle, construction stress and even from relevant paperwork. All you have to do is to HIRE US and set your home according to your dreams.

Y.S Constructions takes pride to deliver the best turnkey solutions

We Deliver Competitive Turnkey Solutions

We are delivering High quality solutions; high quality is the fundamental essence within our business. Our team of architects, technicians, real estate agents, engineers and other experts will ensure high quality service reaches you at every stage. We believe in creating long term relations with our clients. For us our clients matter the most thus we provide effective turnkey solutions at every step.

Our design and specifications are unique, innovative and competitive. We utilize latest materials technologies and identify real opportunities to add greater value to your construction site. We offer competitive pricing within a defined process that leaves no room for any guesswork. We are experienced and thus produce defined precise costs. We will ensure your budget remains intact because your investment matters to us the most.

Y.S Constructions will help you meet the challenges of building and renovating your home, office or building.

We will help you achieve an optimal balance between quality and value; whether it’s our construction services, interior designing services, real estate services or staging and organizing services. We have the expertise, skill and experience to perform outclass.

Our turnkey solutions perform the following services

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Property  valuation
  • Architectural designs
  • Engineering design
  • Site development
  • Construction management
  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Renovation services
  • Consulting services
  • Detailed project scheduling

We undertake the responsibility of your project at every step, at every stage.

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YEL construction designs, construction and services are highly competitive. They are open, honest and always supportive to our needs. They know how to satisfy their clients and thus provide tailored and customized solutions. If you want turnkey solutions, YELL construction is the best one.

Amna SCompany/Location

Iqbal Yousaf the chairman of Y.S Constructions is highly experienced. We had a short time and needed to build a new commercial building facilitating 28,000 employees. We addressed our issue with him and within the first meeting we were relieved. They had not only delivered what they promise but delivered beyond our expectations.

Sara QCompany/Location

Y.S Constructions is the best construction company in Lahore, for them no construction work is big or small, nothing is complex and difficult. They have the expertise to deliver the best. We have a good relationship with them and so recommend them for all construction jobs.


Our relationship with Y.S Constructions is built on trust. All we have to do is to hand over the construction challenges to them rest they resolve all issues. We can count in them with closed eyes. They are honest, reliable and have expertise and experience to perform outclass.

Akram S

When we moved from Canada and shifted to Lahore, we were referred to Y.S Constructions . Within a span of 9 months we were living in a comfortable, well-designed beautiful dream house. Y.S Constructions had done a superb job from the conceptual stage to the final completion stage. I would grade them the best construction company in Lahore.

Ahmed S

“We wanted to renovate our house structure; needed to update washroom, kitchen renovations and some changes within the exterior house. In short, we wanted a new image for our old house. We had always been impressed with their thoroughness and commitment but this time they nailed it. They exceeded our expectations.

Amir B

“We have been working with Y.S Constructions for the last 5 years. They have unique and original designs and every house they make stands out among the neighborhood. I am impressed with their work ethics, commitment and dedication.”


“We hired Y.S Constructions in the wrong season; conditions were not very ideal for them. Despite this, they successfully finished our home building project on time and delivered what we expected them to”

Awais Wassim

Y.S Constructions is a team of professional architects, engineers, designers and effective managers. Their team of experts maintains the project budget and ensures that project schedule is met. The team meets all the challenges effectively within the budget and delivers exactly what is needed.

Asma Khan
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