Commercial construction projects are tough, stringent, challenging and demanding. They involve serious efforts which only dedicated, skilled and experienced construction companies can deliver. Y.S Constructions Company is a team of trained and trustworthy professionals who truly understand the essence of your business.A company you can trust.

We fully realize that your business cannot afford the loss associated with fire, water and any other damage. Thus we incorporate the right commercial construction services and solution for you, so you may avail infinite success in your business. We are flexible, offer diverse solution with the most systematic process that would ultimately provide you with a secure building.

Commercial construction’s are comprehensive and detail packaged; only a professional with the right expertise can resolve issues, handle surprise packages and eliminate all kinds of risks that are foreseen at every stage of construction. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle all issues because we are the best and most knowledgeable construction company in Lahore.

Y.S Commercial Construction Services

Preconstruction Services

Do you want to save your time and money? Do you want to avail the best building solution that would help you achieve project success? Do you want to avail quality, capability and want to maintain budget? If yes,Y.S Constructions is what you are looking for. We provide value based solution, conceptual budgeting, true value engineering, real estate services, qualified subcontractor and risk assessment reviews. We will plan, predict and establish an effective and efficient construction process for you; so you may achieve success before stepping in.

Estimating Services

Your budget, your finance, your cash flows and your investment matters to Y.S Constructions the most. We have been operating in the construction industry for the last 50 years so we have the expertise, skill and experience to estimate the right budget for you. We will help you make timely decisions so you may archive success that your competitors can only dream of. We will provide you estimating costs and current cost information of your entire project. Remember! We can offer you the best rate; whether it’s material, labor or any other related cost. We will provide you quality and cost effective price, which will help you create niche in the market.

Best quality, lowest rate; that’s what Y.S Constructions is about.


We understand the importance of outsourcing reputable local contractors, real estate agents and suppliers and getting the best out of them. Our greatest strength is out experience, knowledge and our relationship with suppliers and contractors. We have established a trustworthy relationship with them and thus we know who to trust with your project within the suburbs of Lahore. We are well accustomed to the market, suppliers, contractors, builders and other construction companies in Lahore so we know what’s best in your interest. We will not only share notes but update you with the current information that would eliminate surprises and ensure safety regulations within your construction process.

Safety Regulations

We are committed and execute and monitor each and every phase of your construction process in detail. We fully understand safety regulations and thus it is our highest priority to enact safety measures. We promote safe and healthy safe environment for our workers and thus enforce safety program standards to ensure safety consciousness for everyone. We monitor quality and ensure that consistent measurable results are delivered every day.

More importantly, we ourselves are the key witness of every act; thus your commercial building is being built under our supervision. We ourselves supervise each and every moment of your building structure. We plan, specify, construct and perform with the accordance of our client’s needs. We will supervise, coordinate and assist you at every step and also provide you demonstration at the closing of project. Every minute detail will be discussed in detail, so you may not encounter any issues or problems.

Major Projects

Whether it’s a house colony, multi-store flat, electrical power station or an electric power house? We have the expertise to deliver ALL. These are some of the remarkable and known commercial construction projects that have been incorporated by Y.S Constructions (Muhammad Yousaf& Iqbal Yousaf )

  • WAPDA Power House Colony, Burhan, NWFP.

Comprising of 45 (1 Kanal), Roads.

  • Multi-story flats, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

8 buildings comprising of 50 flats, mosque and overhead water tank.

  • Electric Power House, Shalimar Bagh, Lahore.

10 buildings comprising of 128 flats and overhead water tank.

  • WAPDA Power House Colony, Rahim Yar Khan.

Colony of 82 houses 1 kanal, 10 marla and 5 marla, Guest houses, roads.

  • Multi-story flats, Shalimar Bagh, Lahore.

8 buildings comprising of 72 flats.

  • Electric Power house, Haripur, NWFP.

Colony of40 houses (1 Kanal, 10 Marla)

  • Steam Power station, Faisalabad.

Colony of 62 houses, offices, roads, parks.

  • Fauji Fertilizer Factory Colony, Sadiqabad.

Colony of 30 houses (1 Kanal each) , roads, guesthouses, landmarks.

  • DG Khan Cement Factory Colony, Dera Ghazi Khan.

2 colonies, 35 houses each, guest houses, offices etc.

  • WAPDA SKARP Residential Colony.

20 houses (1 Kanal) 32 houses (10 Marla)

  • Powerhouse, KotLakhpat, Lahore.




YEL construction designs, construction and services are highly competitive. They are open, honest and always supportive to our needs. They know how to satisfy their clients and thus provide tailored and customized solutions. If you want turnkey solutions, YELL construction is the best one.

Amna SCompany/Location

Iqbal Yousaf the chairman of Y.S Constructions is highly experienced. We had a short time and needed to build a new commercial building facilitating 28,000 employees. We addressed our issue with him and within the first meeting we were relieved. They had not only delivered what they promise but delivered beyond our expectations.

Sara QCompany/Location

Y.S Constructions is the best construction company in Lahore, for them no construction work is big or small, nothing is complex and difficult. They have the expertise to deliver the best. We have a good relationship with them and so recommend them for all construction jobs.


Our relationship with Y.S Constructions is built on trust. All we have to do is to hand over the construction challenges to them rest they resolve all issues. We can count in them with closed eyes. They are honest, reliable and have expertise and experience to perform outclass.

Akram S

When we moved from Canada and shifted to Lahore, we were referred to Y.S Constructions . Within a span of 9 months we were living in a comfortable, well-designed beautiful dream house. Y.S Constructions had done a superb job from the conceptual stage to the final completion stage. I would grade them the best construction company in Lahore.

Ahmed S

“We wanted to renovate our house structure; needed to update washroom, kitchen renovations and some changes within the exterior house. In short, we wanted a new image for our old house. We had always been impressed with their thoroughness and commitment but this time they nailed it. They exceeded our expectations.

Amir B

“We have been working with Y.S Constructions for the last 5 years. They have unique and original designs and every house they make stands out among the neighborhood. I am impressed with their work ethics, commitment and dedication.”


“We hired Y.S Constructions in the wrong season; conditions were not very ideal for them. Despite this, they successfully finished our home building project on time and delivered what we expected them to”

Awais Wassim

Y.S Constructions is a team of professional architects, engineers, designers and effective managers. Their team of experts maintains the project budget and ensures that project schedule is met. The team meets all the challenges effectively within the budget and delivers exactly what is needed.

Asma Khan
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